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MAGEMAR is a company belongs to the logistic group MAGEMAR-MAGETRA-MAGEMON-DONGEMAR. The history of the group begins in the 30's of the XX century when the company MAGEMON started its activity as a stevedoring company for bulk cargos in Liege - the biggest river port in Belgium. During the years the company has served more and more different commodities and simultaneously has started to offer the transport services. To meet the requirements of the customers three new companies have been called into life: Magetra ? acting in the field of road transportation, Magemar ? the maritime transport provider and the last one Dongemar created in 2006 with its site in Xiamen in China. Nowadays the group has the network of its own offices and agents worldwide and serves over six million tons of different cargos each year, including not only conventional but  containerized ones too.

Shipping - so what we like the best and what we know quite well
Magemar Polska started its activity from maritime and land forwarding in 1999. Still today oit is a very important part of our Company
Customs Agency
Customs Agency is one of the most complicated and responsible service of our Company
About our cams
The history of our web cams, that the way to have them working was long and very difficult and about the fact that so many people are related to their existence - not only our team!
Our maritime archives. Most in polish and concerning a polish maritime history - so we have a polish archive numbers of "Morze" magazine - in English simply "The sea". We published all numbers from the begging so 1924 till 1963. It is our homage to all people making a polish maritime history. Still we are scanning and publishing. There will be quite soon some archives in English.
Our gallery
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